Before the adversary is inside—they’re outside.



You secure your network from the inside. We operate outside, between you and the adversary, reducing your risk of cyber threat.

Independent from and complementary to your existing network security_

With an unparalleled view of the cyber threat, our service identifies adversary activity from outside your network and proactively intercedes on your behalf - with little or no work on your part.

"Your job is to protect your IT. Our job is to make the adversary fail."


Proactive Threat Interference®_

Trinity Cyber’s Proactive Threat Interference® is deployed and operated in the Internet. We are uniquely positioned to adapt to adversary actions and neutralize the threat.

An adversary-focused approach to cybersecurity_

Our team of analysts, engineers, and operators have a long and successful history defending against the world's most sophisticated cyber threats. The unique services we provide enable us to disrupt adversary operations in a way that has never before been commercially available.

Careers dedicated to advancing cybersecurity_

Trinity Cyber was founded by Steve Ryan and Neill Sciarrone, cybersecurity experts and national security and intelligence community veterans. Together, these two leaders have dedicated their careers to safeguarding our nation’s most sensitive communications and information.


Prior to founding Trinity Cyber, Steve was Deputy Director of the National Security Agency’s Threat Operations Center (NTOC). An architect of NTOC in 2005, Steve brought together intelligence and defensive missions to identify and stop cyber threat at very large scale. A recognized leader in cybersecurity, Steve’s other career accomplishments include:
  • Invented Proactive Threat Interference®, the approach used to reduce the risk of cyber threats to the nation’s military networks.
  • Led the Special Projects team that developed cyber threat countermeasures for NTOC operations.
  • Architected the Deputy Secretary of Defense’s 2010 technology sharing pilot to protect the Defense Industrial Base.


Neill brings significant government and private sector leadership experience to Trinity Cyber, having previously served in the White House as the Special Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Senior Director of Cybersecurity, as well as leading corporate strategy for a $4B intelligence and security business. Neill also served as Director of Critical Infrastructure Protection and Information Sharing Policies for the Homeland Security Council. Other accomplishments include:
  • Served as Director of Legislative Affairs and a member of the transition team charged with standing up the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Named a Top 10 IT power player by SC Magazine.
  • Recognized as a Presidential Leadership Scholar.

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